Dutch recertification

The validity period of a Dutch Diver certificate is 4 years. You need to renew your certificate before the expiry date. The recertification consist of an evaluation of the portfolio (logbook) and an assessment. Apply to a Dutch certifying institute for recertification.

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    Reservation recertification

    If needed, we support you in the recertification process. Send an email to info@bc-opleidingen.nl mentioning your name, phone number and the date you want to recertify.

    About BC-opleidingen  

    BC-opleidingen is a training centre for professional divers. Our diving centre in Enkhuizen includes various indoor and outdoor facilities for Dutch and international diving courses. The training courses are given by professional dive instructors.


    BC-opleidingen is approved by the Dutch certifying institutes Hobéon, NDC-CI and CI-IFV as a trainer for commercial divers and holds a ISO9001/2015 certification.

    Dutch Certifying Institute

    After successfully taking the assessment, you will receive a certificate from the CI. The costs are defined by the CI and will be charged separately.